happy hooking

A few years ago around Christmas, my sister started crocheting these terrific scarves for people as gifts (I love mine!). Now, my sister has a list of friends longer than my arm and both my legs, so she got in way over her head and found herself crocheting into the wee hours of the morning to finish before Christmas Eve. I so do not have the same problem as I can list all of my friends and acquaintances on one side of a folded paper napkin.

Anyway, I always said that one day I’d teach myself to crochet, so a couple months ago, I did. I’m not doing anything fancy (I’d like too soon) but I’m making lots of simple, practical things that I can actually use like handwarmers, neckwarmers, small purses and chunky house socks (my favorite!). No pics of the socks, but I promise to post some soon.


it started when…

My husband Dane, the excellent listener that he is, remembered me mentioning a couple of times that I’d always wanted to take up painting. I’ve sketched for fun in the past, but I’ve never painted. So this past Christmas, he got me paints, an easel, brushes and some very intimidating blank canvases. I rolled up my sleeves and dove in head first — finishing these paintings (and a few more) in about a week. Haha. Sadly, when other pursuits took hold of me, I put the paints aside. I do plan on picking the brushes up again as I’ve been commissioned by a somewhat twisted friend of mine to do a portrait of Gruss vom Krampus.

Couple with Floating Head and Pedestal Couple... detail
Couple with Floating Head and Pedestal (acrylic)

Woman by Moroccan Window (acrylic)

Woman on Dark Red (acrylic)

A.1. (acrylic)

Monks in Snow (acrylic and newspaper)

never too late to learn

I adored arts and crafts as a kid, but somewhere along the line I got this notion that I was no good at it. So I put aside the water colors, construction paper and sewing needles and threw myself, heart and soul, into music. So I suppose my recent obsession with making stuff might just be the start of a midlife crisis (I turn 35 this year—egads!) which manifests itself in anxiety over the fact that I hadn’t learned enough domestic skills. Mainly, though, I’m a recent convert to the Handmade Revolution. Oh, and, yes, I love pretty things—and if I can make them myself, well that’s even better!

So I suppose I’ll start out this blog by backtracking to relay my craft successes and failures—but there’s not much history to cover as I’ve only started a few months ago. For all you experienced craftsters out there, any advice (and I do need it) is welcome and solicited!