How To Make Nail Polish Marbled Mugs (Video)

Are all homebodies as obsessed with mugs as I am?;
Use dollar store nail polish to make a set of marbled drinkware

I certainly enjoy a hot beverage. On any given day, I’d say that I drink between 8 – 10 large mugfuls of hot drinks total. That would be a combination of coffee, tea, and the occasional hot chocolate. Even in hot weather. As a result, I come into visual and physical contact with my mugs a lot — which has made me grow (ridiculously) fond of them.

I have this theory that we homebodies can come to view a select few of our inanimate household items as more than mere objects, but as our familiars (in lieu of actual humanoid types)…which I realize sounds creepier than I mean for it to sound, but I don’t know how else to put it. Ok, fine, I guess it is kinda creepy.

Plus, I seriously think beverages taste better when I get to sip them out of a lovely ceramic vessel. I really do! A romantic delusion no doubt, but I can’t deny that it adds an extra shot of enjoyment — dare I say, joy — to my day. And I ain’t arguing with joy.

Furthermore (yes, there is a furthermore) I also just now realized that I tend to grab a mug when a photo is being snapped for whatever reason. Gives me something to do with my hands, I suppose? But they also make me feel grounded…secure. Please tell me I’m not alone in this.

Mugging for the camera

Ok, enough with the weirdo-ass mug love and onto the DIY!

Given my inexplicable mug fetish, you can just imagine how excited I was to learn that I could take some plain old mugs from IKEA and turn each and every one of them into a colorful, one-of-a kind, marbled masterpiece using nail polish. Even the cheap dollar store kind. Oh yeah. Exciting stuff.

And the process is so simple, a one minute video is all you really need to learn how to do it. So without further ado, allow me to present a one minute video. (Then check out my full eHow tutorial here for some added tips.)


How To Make Fake Plants Look Real (VIDEO)

Quick — which one is the fake? (Yes, this is a trick question.) [Image: Maya Marin | eHow]

How to rock faux plants like no one’s business.
(Seriously, it really is no one else’s business);
where to get the plants from the video

So you’ve tried time and again to keep houseplants happy and well. Yet, every time, you’ve shamefully failed to protect your green friends from slowly withering away as they cursed Fate for having fallen into your incapable hands.

Yeah. Me too. So I say, go faux. At least partially.

What?, you say. Me own FAKE plants? Those cheap, soulless, tacky, plastic abominations that will have you forever living in fear of being discovered for the fake-plant-owning-brown-thumbed-serial-flora killer that you are?

Yup. Say what you want, but I’ll have you know I went faux and I’m in good company.

But even more convincing than knowing that there are interior design legends who have embraced fake greenery is actually seeing how REAL fake plants can look provided you get quality fakes and style them well. I was so excited about the whole endeavor that I decided to pitch an idea for a video to eHow — (X Number) of Tips For Decorating With Faux Plants — and they bit.

Me, throwing in a real, fresh-cut tree branch for optimum fake-out! [mage: Maya Marin | eHow]
Of course, I had no idea what my tips would be before I pitched the idea — because that’s how I roll! I also didn’t know where I was going to buy plants that were realistic enough to fool the eye. I knew one thing for sure, though, I needed to see them IN PERSON before buying. No matter how many awesome online reviews a product gets, you never know for yourself until you lay your eyes — and hands — on the goods.

Now, I’m convinced that if you style them correctly, no one will be the wiser. Or you might be like me and just flat out tell them that they’re fake — and so, far, everyone’s been surprised to learn the truth.

So now, I enjoy the calming beauty of greenery in my home without the stress of having to keep them alive.

Pretty dang convincing faux croton plant. (Image: Maya Marin | eHow)

And without further ado, here’s my final video! And don’t forget to read my full article on eHow. (See images below to find out where I bought my fauxs.)

(Image: Maya Marin | eHow)
(Image: Maya Marin | eHow)

How A Capsule Wardrobe & An App Helped My Anxiety Big Time

I, a pathological clothes collector, got rid of 90% of
my wardrobe and it was the best anti-anxiety decision ever;
the ah-mazing wardrobe organizer app that helped me;
I admit that it’s not for everyone

I love clothes. Let me repeat that for emphasis. I lu-hu-hu-HUUUUUV clothes.

Not sure how to say that in a way that sufficiently conveys my deep, emotional connection to those glorious pieces of fabric joined together to protect our bodies from the elements.

Still, the affection I had for my garments (many of them I constructed myself) did not stop me — approximately 8 months ago — from donating 14 large moving boxes full of them to the Goodwill. Percentage-wise, that was about 90% of my wardrobe, and I’m still not finished paring down. If you’d told me a year ago that I’d be doing such a thing, I’d have scoffed.

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Video Projects Sneak Peek – Concrete Candles and Woven Rag Rug


Holy soy wax, that’s one spendy candle;
going from rags to rugs is trickier than expected

Concrete (Actually Cement) Candle

People just can’t seem to get enough concrete and cement craft projects these days. So to meet public demand for them, I was tasked with producing a DIY video + tutorial entitled How to Make Concrete Candles. Say what? Concrete candles? Well, they’re actually candles with concrete bases. Like this lovely specimen on


Beautiful, I thought. Then I saw the price tag. Continue reading “Video Projects Sneak Peek – Concrete Candles and Woven Rag Rug”

Turn a Tube Sock Into a Microwaveable Scented Heat Pack (Video)

Anxious much? Let this heat pack enfold you in its toasty, rice-weighted, aromatherapy embrace. There there, now. It’ll be ok.

Heat packs soothe both body and mind; pssst, there’s
an even easier way to make it*

Ah the microwaveable scented heat pack. Humble as it is, I’d put it on a very short list of luxuries that cost next to nothing. But what if you don’t have sore muscles? Doesn’t matter. All you need are muscles.  You’ve got muscles, right? And daily emotional stressors too, I’m guessing? Well, you’ll benefit from this, trust me — especially on a chilly evening. Just nuke it, drape it round your neck and shoulders, light some candles, and succumb to your handmade heatpack’s warm embrace. Continue reading “Turn a Tube Sock Into a Microwaveable Scented Heat Pack (Video)”

Battle of the Faux Mudcloths + Mudcloth-Inspired Wall Hanging Tutorial Video

Mudcloth-inspired wall hanging — with sassy tassels! (Image: Maya Marin | eHow)

On authentic mudcloth; My quest for the most doable
DIY faux mudcloth; My final video

True bògòlanfini, known as “mudcloth,” is a 100% hand-woven and hand-dyed textile from Mali that derives its color from fermented mud via a dyeing technique that dates back to the 1100s. It’s only in recent years, though, that this gorgeous and painstakingly made textile known for its symbolic, culturally significant, repeating motifs has enjoyed widespread popularity thanks to decor bloggers and pinners everywhere, especially those who dig the whole minimalist aesthetic. Which is, like, pretty much everyone right now. The thing is, as beautiful as true mudcloth is, it can be cost-prohibitive for a lot of people. Continue reading “Battle of the Faux Mudcloths + Mudcloth-Inspired Wall Hanging Tutorial Video”

7 Top Ranking Free Online Social Anxiety Tests (And My Impressions)

7 free social anxiety tests you’ll probably encounter online if
you Google; types of questions & results;
which sites are trying to sell you something

Google “free social anxiety tests,” and you’ll find these seven among the top search results — so I thought it might be helpful for some of you if I jotted down my impressions of each. It should go without saying that you should always take results from non-verified, for-personal-use tests with a good dose of healthy skepticism — especially if they’ve got an online therapy program to sell to you. Still, they can be a good place to start if you want a general idea as to the severity of your social anxiety, and possibly help you figure out your top anxiety triggers.

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