too lazy to knit…

…hence, I bought some ribbed sweater knit fabric and sewed it together! Much faster. This fun little cardi was made using the ultra simple Sarah pattern — altered a bit. The sleeves on the original are rather wide and require pleats. I decided that I wanted cuffs instead in a contrasting fabric, so I narrowed the sleeves toward the wrists for a batwing effect. Yeah, it was a bit tricky sewing with sweater knit fabric, but after some online research I found out that I needed to use a narrow zig zag when joining fabric. Some of my seams are a bit jagged and weird, but I steam blocked afterward which helped a bit. A close inspection shows that it’s far from perfect, but I still wear it proudly! I’ve still got quite a bit of this fabric left over with which I plan to make a simple boatneck sweater.


bubble top

Halfway through, I thought that this project was going to be a disaster. I can’t explain why, really, it just looked…wrong. It seemed too short and too wide — or, bubbly, I should say. Think Halloween pumpkin costume and you’ll know what I mean. But in the end, it all came together and looks pretty darned good, if I do say so myself! I’ll be making more of these for the hot months ahead!

I used Simplicity pattern 3882 and my material is a fun floral jersey knit I got at

easy does it

I’ve been really, really lazy lately, trying to figure out how I can get decent results by putting in the least amount of effort. So I’ve applied this laid back work ethic to come up with this latest dress –and I seriously doubt that there’s an easier dress out there to make. It’s the Anda dress (same as that Mork from Ork dress I made a little while back) made with a drape-y, polyester spandex knit. I really like how this fabric falls and moves. I also really dig the bold print (check out that ginormous sunflower on my shoulder!) and I felt that the simple cut of this dress was perfect for showing off a busy pattern.

Yes, yes — it is polyester which means zero breathability–and it’s not exactly the most eco-friendly material either. Oh, would that I had enough money to purchase 100% natural, organic fabrics!

There was also supposed to be an elastic casing around the waistline, but I figured why do that when I can just cinch the waist with a cute belt? So lazy. But it turned out alright, I think. See mom, sometimes it pays to take the easy way out. Hehe.

bird print dress

Everyone who knows me knows that I’m a sucker for anything with birds on it (“bird” is actually my family’s nickname for me and has been since I was a wee girl), so I was immediately attracted to this bird print fabric by Alexander Henry designs. The pattern I used was Built By Wendy 3964 — but I omitted the inset and the sleeves, basically out of laziness! I decided to be bold and use a contrasting bias tape to finish the armholes. I wish I’d made the skirt just a bit longer so that it ends right below the knee — but otherwise, I’m pretty happy with the result.

sculpture of the week

My lovely sister-in-law Jill was over from the UK for a visit and I was able to take a week off of work to spend some time with her. Mainly, our days consisted of shopping, eating junk food and watching Project Runway. It was bliss.

We were also able to visit the Getty Center and while there, we saw a fun toy in the gift shop called “Shapescapes – Sculpture in a Box” which Jill described as “adult legos.” She very kindly bought them for me as a gift, so I’ve promised to create at least one sculpture per week.

Here’s #1:

And here’s Jill’s masterpiece which I definitely prefer over mine:

wrap shirt from leftover fabric

I finally got round to making the Desira shirt pattern from and am very happy that I did. I used the leftover fabric from my last dress (the Azalea.)

It was one of the quickest things I’ve sewn up (surprisingly easy) and am very happy with the result, despite making a rather horrible mistake! While I was finishing up a front seam with some pinking shears, I carelessly cut a hole in the garment. Yes folks, I’m a klutz. Anyway, my clever sister-in-law Jill who is visiting us from the UK recommended I make a little flower with some leftover scraps and cover up the patched hole. Definitely a happy accident! I honestly couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.