my “wrenna”


Finished my term papers over the weekend (woohoo!), so I had time to complete that “Wrenna” cardigan from French Girl Knits. My own additions: a button at the top and a belt. At first, I thought that it was going to be too big for me and rather shapeless at the waist, but then I realized that the lace pattern would allow me to string a belt through and — voila — it worked beautifully! I didn’t get fussy with the belt — just did a simple 3 stitch I-cord. I’m quite happy with it!




14 thoughts on “my “wrenna”

  1. wow, kristeen, i’m so honored! thanks so much for visiting my blog and for the kind words. i will certainly join the french girl ravelry group!

  2. You did a wonderful job!!! I am also trying to knit this pattern but having a hard time with the horseshoe lace. Do you have any tips?

    • Hi Rhonda! Thanks so much for the nice comment. Not sure that I can give you any other tip on the horeshoe lace but to follow the directions to a T! Is there anything specific about it that you’re having problems with?

  3. thanks for your reply:) I think I read the pattern wrong. I read from right to left. I think it should be left to right so I am going to attempt this pattern again. wish me luck

  4. Beautiful!! I’m trying to knit my own. I love the color of yarn you selected and great addition of the belt! Nice job!

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