baby kimono

Here’s a little number I made for a friend’s baby shower a while back. There are a number of baby kimono patterns on the web, but I wanted something that allowed me to use a bulky yarn for a quick knit. Lion Brand supplied exactly the pattern I was looking for, and for yarn, I used my last skein of Tweedle Dee by Moda Dea. Her baby is now 5 months old, and the kimono fits the little lady perfectly.

Instead of a side tie, I used a couple of my homemade polyclay buttons, using the yarn-over increases as button holes.


3 thoughts on “baby kimono

    • I used this pattern with a few alterations. Instead of a side tie, I used buttons. For the front increases, I used yarn over increases in order to create little decorative holes along the edge — two of which I used as buttonholes. 🙂 Hope this helps!

  1. Love it. Ive been looking for a pattern similar to this one but this must be the best I’ve seen.. would love it iif you could share it with me.. thanks Marié

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