first, there was a yoke…

During my heavy crochet phase, I made this yoke with a star motif on the back, intending to use it for a dress or top. I hadn’t decided yet. I also needed some matching fabric for it, which I didn’t have. So I set it aside and almost forgot about it entirely–that is, until Dane decided to do a big spring cleaning of the bedroom yesterday and I found this old polka dot skirt I bought years ago that I don’t really wear anymore. And then I had a lightbulb moment…

I so love the idea of recycling/reinventing old clothing, so I’m particularly proud if this creation.


3 thoughts on “first, there was a yoke…

  1. hey maya, so glad to find your blog! this shirt is so freaking awesome. i love the play of the crochet against the stripes & what cool decorative shirring!! i have a box of stuff in my closet and i know now i’ve GOT to repurpose it…

    and i also love your statement at the top. i think i’d stay at home & create 22 hours a day if i could. :)oona

  2. hey oonaballoona! thanks for visiting and for the comment! oh, if only we had no jobs, no responsibilities and needed no sleep so we could create 24/7… šŸ™‚

  3. Gorgeous! What a neat combination with that fabric, I love it! You just reminded me I have some unfinished crochet projects of my own that I could finish this way.

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