sculpture of the week

My lovely sister-in-law Jill was over from the UK for a visit and I was able to take a week off of work to spend some time with her. Mainly, our days consisted of shopping, eating junk food and watching Project Runway. It was bliss.

We were also able to visit the Getty Center and while there, we saw a fun toy in the gift shop called “Shapescapes – Sculpture in a Box” which Jill described as “adult legos.” She very kindly bought them for me as a gift, so I’ve promised to create at least one sculpture per week.

Here’s #1:

And here’s Jill’s masterpiece which I definitely prefer over mine:


2 thoughts on “sculpture of the week

  1. what fun! i want a girl week! i’m limited to forcing my husband into runway marathons… he always ends up getting into it and guessing (correctly) who’s out and who’s in.

    and by the way, your bird dress is SO in.

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