easy does it

I’ve been really, really lazy lately, trying to figure out how I can get decent results by putting in the least amount of effort. So I’ve applied this laid back work ethic to come up with this latest dress –and I seriously doubt that there’s an easier dress out there to make. It’s the Burdastyle.com Anda dress (same as that Mork from Ork dress I made a little while back) made with a drape-y, polyester spandex knit. I really like how this fabric falls and moves. I also really dig the bold print (check out that ginormous sunflower on my shoulder!) and I felt that the simple cut of this dress was perfect for showing off a busy pattern.

Yes, yes — it is polyester which means zero breathability–and it’s not exactly the most eco-friendly material either. Oh, would that I had enough money to purchase 100% natural, organic fabrics!

There was also supposed to be an elastic casing around the waistline, but I figured why do that when I can just cinch the waist with a cute belt? So lazy. But it turned out alright, I think. See mom, sometimes it pays to take the easy way out. Hehe.


5 thoughts on “easy does it

  1. I love this dress – it looks amazing on you. In fact I love all the colour combinations and prints you have used in your clothes, you have a great eye. and great placement for the sunflower too

  2. thanks! no top secret fabric stores for me — i got this one at fabrics.com, and other places i’ve purchased are tonicliving.com and fashionfabricsclub.com. i also like scouring thrift stores for bedsheets and the like. 🙂

  3. Hi Maya! Thank you for visiting my blog and nice comments! On BurdaStyle I already said how much I liked this dress and the print, but it is so nice that I can say it agaian (and again). I like you style in general, very romantic. Especialy the crochet star yoke dres is nice. I have something like this in my head for some time and I thing it is time to bring it to life. Thank you for motivation!

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