too lazy to knit…

…hence, I bought some ribbed sweater knit fabric and sewed it together! Much faster. This fun little cardi was made using the ultra simple Sarah pattern — altered a bit. The sleeves on the original are rather wide and require pleats. I decided that I wanted cuffs instead in a contrasting fabric, so I narrowed the sleeves toward the wrists for a batwing effect. Yeah, it was a bit tricky sewing with sweater knit fabric, but after some online research I found out that I needed to use a narrow zig zag when joining fabric. Some of my seams are a bit jagged and weird, but I steam blocked afterward which helped a bit. A close inspection shows that it’s far from perfect, but I still wear it proudly! I’ve still got quite a bit of this fabric left over with which I plan to make a simple boatneck sweater.


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