li’l old moi

Time for a wee bit of bragging. Check out who the current featured Burdastyle member is! 🙂 Hehe.


4 thoughts on “li’l old moi

  1. i loved your burdastyle profile! your answers were so interesting and well written. i think you win for best “if you could make one thing…” i’m picturing the earth wrapped in a brightly patterned cosy:)

    i bought my own cup recently from the store i frequent when anthropologie isn’t having a sale. it is horribly ugly (yours is perfect) and i think i’ll post it today!

  2. oona — many thanks! i seriously doubt that this cup of yours is horribly ugly. and even if it is, i’m sure it’s ugly in a VERY good way. you’ve got such an amazing eye for finding awesome items.

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