lazy…so lazy….

I haven’t written a post for a while. No good excuses, really — I’ve just been rather lazy these days when it comes to crafting. To be honest, I just did a big house clean and I’m afraid of making a mess! So, these days, I’ve just been spending most of my time lounging around with a book.

Anyway, I did make a dress a couple weeks back that I posted on Burdastyle, but not here, so I thought I’d finally get around to it. It’s the Burdastyle Sadie dress that I made with some knit polyester that I got on sale for $1.99/yd. Of course I bought loads of it because I can’t resist a bargain. It was meant to be just a “test,” as I wasn’t quite sure whether I’d like the outcome or not — but as it turns out, I love it! So much so that I made one out of some jersey knit fabric as well (sorry, no pic). As you can see, I’ve not finished the edges since this fabric doesn’t fray, and I sort of like that casual, unfinished look like you find on a lot of American Apparel clothing. Alright, alright — so it also appeals to my lazy sensibilities, but hey, it works! I wore it out the same day I made it and got loads of compliments. 🙂


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