green things growing

Yes, growing…as opposed to withering!

Miraculously, the herbs I planted a while back are actually flourishing, which I can’t say about many of their unfortunate predecessors — so today I’ve decided to reap the benefits of my newly green thumbs. There’s nothing like fresh, homegrown basil and oregano sprinkled atop a pizza. Well, my stomach is gurgling, so please excuse me now as I’m off to enjoy my dinner…


5 thoughts on “green things growing

  1. Oh my! that looks delicious!… btw, it’s me karen from burdastyle, I began to read your blog recently: i love it.
    PS: you would be crazy with my backyard it’s not that big but…we have: lemon, oregano, coconuts, plantain, and panamanian beans! I’ll try with cilantro!

  2. hana – dried herbs still work a treat. 🙂

    karen – thanks for visiting. wow, i would love to have plantains and coconuts (two of my favorites) in my garden! i’m renting a unit in a fourplex at the moment, so i’ve got a tiny backyard that’s shared by all tenants. but we do have a shared guava tree and a lemon tree that produce enough fruit for all!

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