first step towards a more colorful kitchen

img_1559Never pass up the chance to make a thing of beauty out of something mundane. It’s one of the secrets of happiness if you ask me. Take, for example, the humble dish towel. Why need they be drab? I found myself in need of a couple, so instead of buying some run-of-the-mill factory made ones, I decided to buy myself some cheerful (and cheap!) cotton yarn and knit my own. For the one pictured at left, I used Vogue Knitting’s embossed vine and leaves pattern (free online here) and the other is a simple stripe using three colors and super easy stitch patterns: garter, moss and seed. The yarn cost me less than $4, and the effect these cheery towels have on my mood when I dry my wet mugs is priceless. Now that I’ve seen what a little splash of color can do, I think I might have to knit myself a pair of cafe curtain panels to match!



4 thoughts on “first step towards a more colorful kitchen

  1. Hi homebody! Love these dishcloths, I know what I’m going to do next time I find some good cotton yarn in the bargain bucket. Beautiful colour choice! One question: I thought moss stitch was the British name for seed stitch (ie, same stitch)?

  2. hi milly! thanks for the compliment. πŸ™‚ as i understand it (and according to Vogue Knitting) moss and seed are quite similar looking, but different. seed, of course is when you p1, k1 row then k1, p1 on the next. moss is: row 1: knit; row 2: p1, k1; row 3: knit; row 4: k1, p1. hope that helps!

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