happy feet

First off — happy new year fellow crafters! Hope your 2009 brims with joy and inspiration.

I’ve only just recently tackled knitting socks (I’ve been crocheting them up till now) and since learning, I’ve been dying to try out some self-striping yarn. And as I’d been given some Michael’s craft store gift cards for Christmas and said establishment had every skein of yarn on sale (up to 75% off!) this past weekend, I couldn’t resist stocking up on some mega cheap (my apologies, fiber snobs!) but mega fun yarn. For these socks (still in progress) I’m using Red Heart’s Heart and Sole yarn in Razzle Dazzle. I’m not only amazed by the stripes, but by the fair-isle type designs that magically appear as well! I’ve known for a while that such yarn existed, but I still couldn’t helped but get giddy when I saw the designs form before my eyes.

Also completed a pair of chunky cabled leg warmers. I didn’t pay attention to counting the rows between crossing the cables because I wanted a very primitive, almost childlike feel. That and I wanted to be able to watch television at the same time I knitted them. Haha.

I’m a sucker for flecks — especially colorful ones like in this Moda Dea Tweedle Dee yarn (in Sahara).


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