my first skirt

So I’ve been drooling over these high waisted pencil skirts on Burdastyle (designed by talented member Kasia) and decided that this was the weekend I would try it out myself. But, of course, not without my signature shortcuts. Yes, that’s velcro you see holding the front panel up. Dear Lord, you ask — why velcro? I was feeling lazy, that’s why — and I decided that I would rather spend my time playing Guitar Hero than measuring and making buttonholes. Hehe. Anyway, when the front panel is up, the icky velcro is virtually undetectable. The buttons are purely decorative and were taken from a jacket that, sadly, doesn’t fit me anymore.

I also messed up somehow while making the gathered hip panels. They ended up very poofy, so I was forced to take some fabric out of them for a better fit, giving me two extra seams at the sides. Pretty sloppy overall, but I think it’s a pretty decent first attempt! I have some baby blue stretch corduroy that I’d like to use for my second (and hopefully much better executed) attempt at this fabulously designed skirt. And, yes, I won’t be using velcro the second time ’round.