my cables n’ lace kimono wrap

I’ve been working on this little woolen “friend” of mine off and on for about two years, so imagine my delight when I finally cast off my last stitch. I used theĀ Cables and Lace Kimono Wrap Cardigan pattern from (isn’t her stuff great?), but chose to leave the neckline unfinished rather than to pick up and knit the 3×3 ribbing the pattern calls for. I really love that raw, rolled over look — and it’ll show a little bit more of whatever I’ll be wearing underneath.

Shortly after beginning, I thought I’d made a horrible mistake with my choice of yarn (Knit Picks Wool of the Andes) as it created a springy fabric with chunkier cables and very ripply lace panels — as well as a stiffer drape overall. Nevertheless, I plugged away, and though it turned out quite different-looking than Sweaterbabe’s example, I do like it! It was extremely fun to knit as well, and now that I’ve cracked the code of this pattern, I’m eager to make another one with a drapier yarn, which would be more fitting for spring/summer.


orange crush

Orange is definitely my color of choice for this winter. Actually, it’s been my color of choice for the past two winters…as well as the past few springs, summers, and falls. Alright, forget what I said, I just love orange in general. And to prove it, I present here two creations: a completed cardi-belt set and a UFO (unfinished object, for my non crafting readers) — the Best Friend Cardigan from Big City Knits I’d mentioned in the last post.

So, energized by my first knitted garment, I set to work on this little number that I based on my blue shrug. I basically extended the length (decreased a bit at the center back so it wouldn’t be too baggy), added about 5 inches of ribbing on the bottom edge and created a two-button seed stitch belt to give it some shaping. I’m thinking it might end up someone’s Christmas present.




And now for the UFO. When I first laid eyes on this cardigan in Twinkle’s Big City Knits, it was love at first sight, so I delved right in without going online to check for any tips from other knitters who’d attempted the same project. Had I done so, I would have discovered that this item knits up tiny. And I mean TIIIIIINY.

So, all the knitting is done (I had plenty o’ of fun making those bobbles and cables!) and all that’s left to do is to attach the sleeves, sew on the buttons and weave in the ends…all of that tedious stuff that I HATE to do. And since it’s ended up too small for me to wear, I ran out of the motivation to complete it. *sigh* So for the moment, it’s shelved until I find a little girl to give it to. Either that, or a very thin friend.