happy hooking

A few years ago around Christmas, my sister started crocheting these terrific scarves for people as gifts (I love mine!). Now, my sister has a list of friends longer than my arm and both my legs, so she got in way over her head and found herself crocheting into the wee hours of the morning to finish before Christmas Eve. I so do not have the same problem as I can list all of my friends and acquaintances on one side of a folded paper napkin.

Anyway, I always said that one day I’d teach myself to crochet, so a couple months ago, I did. I’m not doing anything fancy (I’d like too soon) but I’m making lots of simple, practical things that I can actually use like handwarmers, neckwarmers, small purses and chunky house socks (my favorite!). No pics of the socks, but I promise to post some soon.