from sewphobe to sewholic: a junkie’s tale.

My mother sews and I’ve got two aunts who are professional seamstresses. Seeing them work during my childhood and teen years always made me afraid to give it a try — it looked so frighteningly meticulous. But today, thanks to modern technology giving us computerized machines and free sewing lessons on You Tube, I’ve learned how to make clothing that’s actually wearable. Outside. In public even.

I bought my Brother CS-6000 machine early last month, and to help me learn how to use it, I enrolled in Sew L.A.’s Machine Basics 101 class. It was fantastic, and I highly recommend Sherry’s class to anyone living in the LA area with a desire to learn how to sew. She’s amazingly patient and a terrific teacher. We learned the basics of machine operation and made a simple, unlined tote bag during the 3 hour session, and when I went home, I immediately made two more totes.

I am now a bonafide junkie who scours (an online sewing community) on a daily basis for pictures of members’ creations, new patterns and how-tos; searches ebay for vintage fabrics and patterns; spends far too much money on sewing notions…and who just bought a second machine (a serger/overlock).


never too late to learn

I adored arts and crafts as a kid, but somewhere along the line I got this notion that I was no good at it. So I put aside the water colors, construction paper and sewing needles and threw myself, heart and soul, into music. So I suppose my recent obsession with making stuff might just be the start of a midlife crisis (I turn 35 this year—egads!) which manifests itself in anxiety over the fact that I hadn’t learned enough domestic skills. Mainly, though, I’m a recent convert to the Handmade Revolution. Oh, and, yes, I love pretty things—and if I can make them myself, well that’s even better!

So I suppose I’ll start out this blog by backtracking to relay my craft successes and failures—but there’s not much history to cover as I’ve only started a few months ago. For all you experienced craftsters out there, any advice (and I do need it) is welcome and solicited!