sometimes it’s just not meant to be

2008 – 2008 R.I.P.

Lest you think my sewing experiences thus far have been all positive, let me introduce you to the garment that was a thorn in my side for a week before I had to finally bid the cursed project adieu.

I hadn’t learned yet how to properly sew on elastic, so one armhole opening was bigger and less stretchy than the other. I also accidentally topstitched one armhole’s edge a different color thread from the other.

But the armholes were the least of my problems. Sure it looks alright from the front. but the back was driving me CRAZY! I messed up when seaming the back yoke to the back, so the gathers were puffing out so much that I looked like I had extra large shoulder blades (see below).

So when my brand new serger arrived at my doorstep mid-project, I thought that I would simultaneously try to learn how to use it whilst fixing the back seams of this top. Big mistake. Behold, if you can stomach it, the result of my hubris:

AAAAAAACK!!!! I have to look away.

Wow, showing this to the world really kills my ego. But, hey, the more mistakes we make, the more we learn.

Alright, so I didn’t really throw it in the bin. I saved it for scrap material.


2 thoughts on “sometimes it’s just not meant to be

  1. Wow Maya! You definitely have a creative gene.
    I must admit my shame as well. I never (how did i ever finish high school?) finished my 7th grade sewing project. The denim gym bag.

  2. at least you took Home Economics in school. i wish I did, then maybe I would have started sewing earlier and, by now, would be past the point of making idiotic mistakes like the ones i made with this shirt. 🙂

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