reversible shoulder bags

greenbag.jpg yellowbag.jpg

I am in love with the reversible handbag. Get yourself to that site and download the free pattern!

I’ve made these two so far and will probably make a dozen more!

(Photos by Cici Sutjiono)


5 thoughts on “reversible shoulder bags

  1. These look FABULOUS! I’m so glad that you commented on my blog. I’m really impressed with your photos. They make all your projects look so nice. If you have a flickr account, you should add your photos to the Reversible Shoulderbag group I created. There’s a link on my blog. I’m really glad you like the pattern. It’s always nice to hear.

  2. Thanks for visiting, Beth! Your blog was a huge inspiration for me to start my own — I look forward to new posts from you all the time. As for the pics, I’m just lucky to have an amazingly talented photographer (my friend Cici) willing to help out!

  3. I’m enjoying looking at all your sewing projects. You’ve made some beautiful things. The crochet yoke is amazing.

    Thank you for the link to the reversible bag…I look forward to playing with that one.

  4. I too am typically a one handbag person. I’ve been reluctant to part with my 4-year-old bag even though it’s orange, and nylon, because its external compartments work so well for me. I saw this bag and thought I’d try an on-line purchase again – haven’t been too lucky in past attempts and retail stores never seem to have what I want. I am very happy with this purchase – from the price, to the quality, to the time it took to receive it. The external compartments work very well for me (for keys, cellphone, eyeglasses and sunglasses, eye-drops and lip balm, coupons, etc.) and there’s compartment space for more. There is only one inner compartment (w/zipper) but thats sufficient for me. ;

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