i’ve got the dresses, now where’s the spring weather?

The weather here in L.A. has been a bit odd, to say the least. Heat waves one minute, showers the next. Anyway, when the sun finally decides to come round for an extended stay, I’ll be ready with these lightweight dresses. Perfect for the office, I think. Though I actually work in an environment where just about any outfit flies which is great for me as I detest office dress codes. Guess that’s one of the pluses of working in West Hollywood.

Anyway, like my easy floral Anda, these two were made in a snap. I was even more lazy this time around and didn’t even finish the hems and armholes, but it gave them a more casual look — and I don’t have to worry about unraveling with this material. I also used the leftover fabric from my Built By Wendy Tunic and my Dolman Top. I really need to use the fabric that I’ve got before purchasing more, as I’m really running into a space issue in my sewing area. Of course I say this having just placed another order for another few yards of knit jersey…


6 thoughts on “i’ve got the dresses, now where’s the spring weather?

  1. seriously, it is june, right? in CALIFORNIA? it was warmer in NY this weekend. i am also waiting to traipse around west hollywood in my summer frocks, but sadly neither are as pretty as yours. i have GOT to venture out of the quilter’s cotton aisle at joann’s.

  2. germany is hotter than hot right now… but I can completely comprehend your fabric dilemma. I just promised myself no more fabric and both 2 different fabrics today… It is an addiction.

  3. oona — nonsense, your frocks are beautiful! and of course when the sun finally comes to stay, i’ll be complaining about the heat and counting the days ’til fall.

    geri – it certainly IS an addiction! i’m going to have to start hiding my fabric stash before my husband stages an intervention for me.

  4. I love the belt on the first dress, the black&white one… And I’d love to see the dresses on you! To see how it really drapes and so on and so forth. The fabric choice is really summery cheerful.
    Phew, and don’t tell me about addiction… I’ve become addicted to buying things in thrift stores… And to making headbands out of neckties. I’ve bought yet another one! I’m not even sure whether it is the right colour for me. I just saw a nice silk and bought it…

  5. hana — thanks for the comment! i absolutely love your necktie headbands and i certainly don’t think you can have too many of those. 🙂 i’m a thrift store shop-a-holic too! so many of my projects started out as old bedsheets, duvet covers, etc.

  6. Maya, thank you for comment, too. 🙂 When I think about the latest necktie now, it’s probably going to be another reversible one.
    And it just feels so cool, turning something into something else, doesn’t it?

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