comfy house socks

Yeah, I know that it’s the wrong season to be making warm, chunky, almost knee-length house socks but my fingers were itching to do some crocheting. I’ve been sewing so much these days that I feel I’ve been neglecting my yarn stash, so I figured I could make these socks now and stow them away ’til winter comes. I just love the cozy look of aran fleck yarn.


5 thoughts on “comfy house socks

  1. deirdre — thanks! actually i, myself, have been scared to knit socks, but i can attest that crocheted socks are quite easy!

    hana — i agree. 🙂

  2. Maya, these are great! I think I like to crochet more then knitting, so I’m pretty tempted to make socks like these, is there a pattern for them?

  3. thanks mirela! i followed this pattern (link is below) for short ankle socks, but adjusted the length and width around the opening in order to turn them into calf length socks. i don’t really closely follow a pattern (counting stitches and such) — i do it the haphazard way of fitting while i go! me and my shortcuts…

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