empire maxi-dress

Just finished up the first dress I’ve ever made without the use of a pattern! Needless to say, I’m very excited and am wearing it with pride, despite the fact that the back looks a bit wonky and makes my bottom look two sizes larger. Hence, I’ve only given you front and (obscured) side view photos. 🙂 I made it out of a thrift store fitted bedsheet and based it on a sleeveless empire waist minidress from my closet, but decided to take it floor length for a dramatic maxi. I think it looks rather Jane Austen-esque with a touch of va-va-voom.

I spiced up the top edge with some crocheted trim I got from ebay.

I’m a bit late with my first creative endeavor for Oona’s “Week of Happy” — but I’ll see if I can rise to her challenge of creating something every single day for a week. Hmmmm. We’ll see how I fare…


6 thoughts on “empire maxi-dress

  1. DEFINITELY va va voom. i was just lecturing my husband on the glories of the maxi dress (i’m wearing one at the mo). i don’t think it sizes you up at all… it’s nice to have something mysterious in today’s quite clingy society… and i have no doubt you’ll be able to rise to this challenge, you are, after all, one of the inspirations!

  2. love it! i’m very impressed. like the jane austen twist. catching a glimpse of the new hair cut in there too 😉


  3. That is a beautiful dress and of I love the fabric colour. You don’t look any bigger at all instead you look very cool in these temps.

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