belle de jour

If you don’t have a copy of Wendy Mullin’s book Sew U: Home Stretch — what are you waiting for?!

Not only does this book come with all the patterns you need to make every single one of the stylish projects within, but every step is diagrammed and the written directions are super simple to follow, even for instruction-impaired people like me.

This form fitting number is the “Belle de Jour” dress from said book, and it was incredibly simple to make. The blue fabric is a rayon stretch knit (with a tiny hint of sheen) I got online from somewhere. Sorry, I buy so much fabric that I often forget from where I bought what. I don’t think the dress is supposed to be this body hugging, as I decided to make it x-small instead of the more-appropriate small. Anyway, I squeeze into it alright and as long as I can remember to suck in the gut, I think I’ll be ok.


5 thoughts on “belle de jour

  1. Hi!
    I love the dress!
    I have the book but haven’t used it yet because i’ve seen a few reviews of people who had tried the T-shirts and said they were huge. The dress certainly seems true to size! Have you tried the t-shirts?

  2. hi sara. thanks for the comment! no, i haven’t tried any of the t-shirts, but each garment pretty much uses the same bodice pattern, so i wouldn’t think there would be a problem with sizing. i personally love the book because of wendy’s easy to follow instructions and stylish yet simple design ideas.

  3. I’m waiting for… living in the US to be able to get it? 😀
    I’m not going to live in the US. I love it here too much. And I think I’m satisfied with admiring your dress from my home, because I’m a bit too afraid of sewing with knits on my old machine…

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