A Whole New Incurable Homebody Coming Soon!

why I’ve decided to relaunch the blog,
accepting social anxiety as a fact of life

I’ve allowed this site to lay dormant for so long. Partly due to analysis paralysis. Mostly due to trusty ol’ self doubt. But you know what? I’m forging ahead — self-doubt notwithstanding. In fact, I’ve actually decided to make that a focus of the site, along with social anxiety and his sidekick social awkwardness. You can run, my pesky lifelong companions, but you can no longer hide.

And that’s ’cause owning these conditions and accepting them as part of my life — rather than attempting to mask or fight them — is the first step toward mental wellness. At least that’s what all the experts tell me.

However, arts, crafts, and DIY will still play a leading role here! In fact, I credit creative productivity with keeping me sane. Can you relate, dear reader? If so, I invite you to join me for my soon-to-be re-launched The Incurable Homebody.

And I mean that. JOIN me. Comment. Shoot me a message. Let’s make this a two-way discussion. From the comfort of our own homes, of course.


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